painting again.


non binary

a series

Over the last few weeks, I have been looking to get my hands dirty and really dig into a new creative project. When I came across these small 9"x12" canvases, I decided to start painting again.

It has been ages since I painted on any regular basis. After I graduated with my art degree, I spent most of my time working in design and photography and lost confidence in creating other forms of art. What I have learned, however, is that working in various mediums provides and incredible catalyst for your other work. There is a level of cross influence between projects that can help elevate the level and depth of your work. For example, as soon as I started these paintings, I immediately found my head swirling with ways of utilizing these forms in print media (such as concert posters or page layouts). Sometimes just taking a bit of time to work on something different can make all the difference in your work.

This particular series of paintings is titled non-binary. Crafted with only black and white, the paintings themselves are of a binary (on or off) nature. The binary numbers that find their way into these pieces are distorted and convey the human element in the world. Not everything is so simple as black and white. There are literal (and figurative) grey areas that create moments of tension or misunderstanding.


I am not a painter by trade, but this project has been refreshing and helped bring a new energy to my other work. To view all the paintings in this series, click here.

J. Christopher Yankey